Friday, August 22, 2008

Mike & Betty on 20-Aug-2008.

This is Mike. He's a Normal Ball Python.

This is Betty. She's got more yellow tone, thus she's a High-Yellow Variation of a Ball Python.
More pics at my flickr.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ball Pythons Galore!!!

What a nice sunday afternoon..

Next year, i'm gonna get my self a designer ball. At the moment, i got 2 pairs. 1 Normal Ball, the other is a Hi-Yellow Ball. They are still in quarantine, yes.. i quarantine them, which means no touching for at least 3-day. Care your snake from young, and you can expect a long-live snake. More at my flickr.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meet Rainbow, the Pueblan Milksnake.

Here is Rainbow, he's a Pueblan Milksnake. I brought her on 10-October-2007. Here he's feeding on a Peach Fuzzies (a name given to baby mice which has started forming fur) this was taken on the 08-March-2008.
More of my pets pics at my flickr, its not much at the moment. But do come back...

Meet Mr.Smygle

This is my 1st cornsnake, its a Reverse Albino Okeetee Cornsnake. Albino's are name due to the lack or absent of black pigment on their bodies. Okeetee is the pattern, and a reverse against a normal is the red is orange & orange are red.
i brought her on 11-November-2005. This pic was taken while she's having her meal on 08-March-08.
More pics at my flickr, its not much now, im in a process of organising my pictures so do come again..