Friday, December 26, 2008

As Promise.

As per my previous post, if you are reading this.. i promise a Pinstripe Ballpython. Here you go..
052_2008-12-24 Pinstripe BallPython

Look at those stripes..
051_2008-12-24 Pinstripe BallPython

050_2008-12-24 Pinstripe BallPython

My Pin (I call her, PIN.. im lame at giving names) She just shed yesterday, so i kinda move the mice teeth as i dont want it to do any harm to her.
053_2008-12-24 Pinstripe BallPython

Yeah, i havent got that Albino Texas Ratsnake as its Xmas day and my "wholeseller" kinda in the holiday mood. BUT im sure gonna get it on the 1st or 2nd week of 2009.
If you readers wondering how i got this, the ballpython came from all legal and with papers. ;o)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

2008-12-05 Just another routine.

hello. sorry due to the lack of updates, been buzy. Here are my collection feeding, mating & a couple of newly aquired Amel Cornsnakes.
Lets see some pictures...

Here, is Nolan the Sinoloan Milksnake enjoying a fuzzy. Mind she just started to show her milky color (shedding). If the shedding color just shown, its OK to feed. Dont feed if pass a few days. You might waste your feeders.
010_2008-12-05 Sinaloan MilkSnake

A California Striped KingSnake. I call him OreoKing.
022_2008-12-05 Cali Stripe King

A Banana Striped Californian KingSnake. Simple i call him Banana.
030_2008-12-05 Banana Reverse Milk

An Amel Motley CornSnake (SOLD, Thank you.. i'll post her progress until she is ready for your care.)
034_2008-12-05 Amel Motley Corn-01
Here, she is eating a pinky.
043_2008-12-05 Amel Motley Corn-01

My Amel Motley CornSnake. Havent name him yet.. I want to wait for it to shed.
050_2008-12-05 RED Amel Motley Corn

A SnowCorn, is named Snow. I decide not to feed her, as she has passed her shed. Shedding on Albinos, it hard to see when she is going to shed. So a noted history comes in handy.
051_2008-12-05 Snow Corn

Albino Nelson MilkSnake, named Baby. A really good example, of how middle of a shedding looks like. In a few more day, the milky color will disappear then she will shed. After feeding time.
055_2008-12-05 Albino Nelson Milk

Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake, Smygle. I have kept her since nov-2005. A 6-footer healty female. Tonight i try to mate her with an Anery Motley Corn on loan from a friend.
058_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Here is the partner.. Nice huh?
060_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Some actions.
065_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Here is a male tail. See how tapered & long that looks? On females it tapered shorter.
070_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Its not so obvious here, but if seen live. there is a difference. But hey, a good supplier will know, which is male and female. And Smygle is a female, and the partner is a male. Or else we will see a brawl instead.. ahakz.
078_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

they were no mating action last night. its just the 1st night. and smygle is a virgin, hehhee.. i'll try again in 2-days.
071_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Mr Lemon, the Lemon Pastel BallPython. He's feeds & feeds..
082_2008-12-05 Lemon Pastel BallPython

On my next post. Im gonna post an Albino Texas Ratsnake Bugeye version. yup, Bugeye.. its awesome. looks like a snake with contact lens. And also a Pinstripe Ballpython, by far this ballpython really really burnt a hole in my pocket, but an apportunity I must grab.
Stay tuned... ;o)
Want to see more pictures, they are at my flickr. <-Clicky.