Thursday, April 30, 2009

African Pygmy Hedgehog

Salt n Pepper.

043_2009-04-26_Hedgehog Albino

Normal Sub-Adult Wild-Type CornSnake.

I never had a Normal CornSnake before.. And wow!! the colors are dame nice..
027_2009-04-26_Normal Adult CornSnake

Asian Forest Scorpion

A Sub-Adult Asian Forest Scorpion. The same 10c coin as a size reference.
Humid soil & a small container, makes a scorpion happy. In a few mths, the scorpion is ready to be transfer to a bigger and more permanent tank.
020_2009-04-26_Asian Forest Scorpion

Another one with a dry soil to start with. A bigger container.
023_2009-04-26_Asian Forest Scorpion

Baby Scorpions? Yup, got those... They are for SALE, but not yet.. In a month time, if everything goes well.
025_2009-04-26_Asian Forest Scorpion

**Just like Tarantulas, Scorpions do have venom. But different people got different reactions to the venom. Some will just itch, some will have a fever, some will be like mosquito bite.. its the allergy reaction from venom which is a bit dangerous.

Mexican RedKnee Tarantula

Mexican RedKnee Tarantula. This one is still a baby. But it can reach palm size in 1 year, with proper care, food & maintenance.
015_2009-04-26_Redknee tarantula

How small are baby tarantulas.. thats a brunei 10c coin.
016_2009-04-26_Redknee Trantula
*Please note that ALL tarantulas have a certain amount of venom. Although most people are not affected by this species, some people may be allergic to the venom, or just more sensitive, making it a dangerous situation. This is one of the reasons that people should not handle a tarantula. Also, New World species of tarantulas like this one can flick hairs off of their abdomens, which can also cause a reaction, depending on the person. Affects of a tarantulas' natural defenses may vary between people. All tarantulas should be considered dangerous, so be careful, because you don't want to find out if you are allergic or more sensitive the HARD WAY!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Buzy taking care of Babies.

A Motley het Hypo & Amel
012_2009-04-18 EdPets

A Normal het Hypo, Motley & Amel
028_2009-04-18 EdPets

Anery het Motley
031_2009-04-18 EdPets

Ghost het Motley
040_2009-04-18 EdPets

How small are this Baby CornSnake? with a mere 11-15 grams. Look how they compare to my fingers. Sorry bad angle, as its hard to point & shot with a dSLR.
038_2009-04-18 EdPets

Reduce Pattern Ballpython, i call this C-Small, as he is just at 128-grams. My 5th Ball. My other ballies are all healthy, well, buy from good source, get good ballies of course.
What is a reduce pattern ball? Can u see it?
053_2009-04-18 EdPets

C-Small on my palm.
051_2009-04-18 EdPets

My 6th Ball, i call this Mr,Big & Another Reduce Pattern Ball. Can u see why its call a reduce pattern? In herp world, reduce pattern are less alien-heads. what alien-head.. those dots dots you see on normal balls. ;oP
070_2009-04-18 EdPets

In my next post, i'll take pics of Kapo & Tito the SugarGliders (and probably some videos). They are with me for 2-mths & 1-week already. And they live up to their name as Pet-Pockets. ;o) Stay tuned...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

NO to HR669

What is HR 669?
H.R. 669 stands for House Resolution 669 and is titled "The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act". It is a bill currently before Congress that if passed will change the way that the US Government classifies animal species that are not native to the United States. H.R. 669 will make it illegal to breed and sell many animals that are very common in the pet trade.

Why should you care about HR 669?
Anyone with pet fish, birds, reptiles, or small mammals will be affected by this bill. Any company selling product or services for pet fish, birds, reptiles or small mammals will be affected by this bill. Would you be impacted by "The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act"?

* Virtually all fish in an aquarium are not native to the United States
* Most pet birds are species not native to the US
* Most reptiles kept as pets are not native to the US
* Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and ferrets are not native to the US

What can you do to stop HR 669?
Pet owners support the concept of a risk based approach to non-native imports, unfortunately H.R. 669 as drafted does not provide a constructive way forward.

You can help by standing up and making your voice heard. Let your Representative know that you oppose H.R. 669 as drafted and the financial and/or emotional effect it will have on you, or your friends, or your family members if it passes. The link below will allow you to send an email to your Representative in Congress and even give you the option to follow up with a phone call.