Friday, February 13, 2009

No more Home Remedies.

So got Mites problem? Give me a shout.. i'll kill'em all.. ;o)
I order this at and my next purchase is BioShield.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Common Malayan Racer

I didnt not caught this snake in the jungle or in the wild. It enter my house, so it isnt consider wild-caught, hehee.. rather home-caught... So if you find this snake squirming into your house, dont kill it.. its brunei own local snake. use a broom and its bin, sweep it and release it back to the wild. Becareful tho, as all wild animals are aggresive & will bite. But dont worry if you get bite by this racer, as there is no poison. But a possibility of a cut will happen.. ;o)
025_2009-02-09 Edpets WC Snake
Dont worry, i will release it back to the wild. Or if it feeds, i will keep it.
More pictures at my flickr album

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Normal or Yellow Belly?

My second purchase for 2009. A Normal Male Ballpython with cool creeping orange sides.
016_2009-02-04 Edpets Ballpythons Normal or Yellowbelly

And no my breeding aint successful, need to do a proper cooling down on them for a successful breeding. No problems, i'll try again this year.. :o) Its all part of the fun.