Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weight Day for my Snakes.

Albino Nelson MilkSnake. A Healthy, 285 grams.
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Albino Nelson Milksnake
002_2009-03-11_Edpets Albino Nelson Milksnake

Amel Motley CornSnake, 74-grams. He was 32-grams in January-09.
004_2009-03-11_Edpets Amel Motley Cornsnake
007_2009-03-11_Edpets Amel Motley Cornsnake

Amel CornSnake. 80-grams
006_2009-03-11_Edpets Amel Corn HjM
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Amel Corn HjM

Lemon Pastel Ballpython.. 287-grams. Look how the yellow color is coming..
006_2009-03-11_Edpets Lemon Pastel Ballpython
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Lemon Pastel Ballpython

Normal Ballpython @ Crocky. She was only 162-grams in Jan-09. Now, she's at 251-grams.
002_2009-03-11_Edpets Normal Ballpython Crocky
006_2009-03-11_Edpets Normal Ballpython Crocky

Normal Ballpython Interesting Yellow, 139-grams. It drop its weight, he was 149-grams on 04-Feb-09. Going to slowly, increase his meal size.
004_2009-03-11_Edpets Normal Hi-Yellow Ballpython
007_2009-03-11_Edpets Normal Hi-Yellow Ballpython

Sinaloan MilkSnake, 112-grams.
002_2009-03-11_Edpets Sinoloan Milksnake
003_2009-03-11_Edpets Sinoloan Milksnake

Pinstripe Ballpython at 292-grams.
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Pinstripe Ballpython
004_2009-03-11_Edpets Pinstripe Ballpython

My Super Duper, Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake at 942-grams. Now, 3-yrs 5-mths.
002_2009-03-11_Edpets Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake

Snow Cornsnake, 215-grams.
006_2009-03-11_Edpets Snow Cornsnake
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Snow Cornsnake

And my fierce Banana Striped Kingsnake. Didnt have a chance to weight, cause he gone berserk. Feeding Time. He has bitten me a few times.. I love snake scars, Hahaa..
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Banana Striped Kingsnake

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So what Baby Corns did Viper76 get?

Some Anery
004_2009-03-11_Viper76 Cornsnake Anery

002_2009-03-11_Viper76 Cornsnake Unknown possible lavender

Some Amel
003_2009-03-11_Viper76 Cornsnake Amel

some Hypo Motley, Motleys & Normals.
001_2009-03-11_Viper76 Cornsnake Unknown surprise

All 28-heads, hatched & born in Brunei Darussalam. ;o)

Meet Kapo & Tito the SugarGliders.

My newly acquired SugarGliders... Captive-Breed & Hand-Tamed. Pics taken after 2-weeks 5-days bonding with me.. Still a little crabby, but everyday getting friendly & friendlier. Patience is the key to tame them..
001_2009-03-10 Edpets sugarglider joeys

012_2009-03-10 Edpets sugarglider joeys

More pics in my set at my flickr.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Animals need Vitamins & Supplements too.

For the best health condition, a supplement of Vitamins & Calcium is highly recommended. Hey, Humans take it for better health, then pets can also benefit from this.
My choice is Vionate & Rep-Cal. Rep-Cal is a reptile specialty supplement as reptiles will highly benefits from the extra calcium.
But remember too much of things is also bad. So i only dust their food, and give them alternate days supplements. ;o)
013_2009-March-SugarGlider vionate rep-cal

How are seller & a hobbies different. As a hobbiest, their pet are usually in excellent health. They interact, and love their pet, where the pet will interact back, causing a very good relation & from that lowers their stress level & simultaniously inprove their health. Where else a seller, would just keep the pet, just so it can live, with health just average or maybe below. About interaction with their pets, that i havent find out. But as seller sell in volume, will it have the time to care & love them all?? Thats for you to find out..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Born in Brunei. 06-March-2009 @1035PM

Viper76, 1st hatch of the 1st clutch. Exciting Yes....

More pictures soon..

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wodent Wheel

Yeah, it cost more...
003_2009-March-SugarGlider Wodent Wheel
But approve for Suggies (SugarGlider use)

Food, Vitamins, Minerals, treats.. Ready.
011_2009-March-SugarGlider diets

the only thing not ready is the cage.. need it bigger. But since they just arrive, a small cage is OK, as i wont stress them coming to a big cage all of a sudden...
006_2009-March-SugarGlider cage

More pics at my flickr.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fleece for SugarGlider

001_2009-02-16 Sugar Glider Fleece

I got a few fleece, which i will make into some toys & sleeping pouch for my SugarGlider. Why fleece? Because its soft, dont absorb moisture, keep the sugarglider warm & it wont make its claws stuck, if you were to use cotton. Google it.. i have done my research.