Friday, December 26, 2008

As Promise.

As per my previous post, if you are reading this.. i promise a Pinstripe Ballpython. Here you go..
052_2008-12-24 Pinstripe BallPython

Look at those stripes..
051_2008-12-24 Pinstripe BallPython

050_2008-12-24 Pinstripe BallPython

My Pin (I call her, PIN.. im lame at giving names) She just shed yesterday, so i kinda move the mice teeth as i dont want it to do any harm to her.
053_2008-12-24 Pinstripe BallPython

Yeah, i havent got that Albino Texas Ratsnake as its Xmas day and my "wholeseller" kinda in the holiday mood. BUT im sure gonna get it on the 1st or 2nd week of 2009.
If you readers wondering how i got this, the ballpython came from all legal and with papers. ;o)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

2008-12-05 Just another routine.

hello. sorry due to the lack of updates, been buzy. Here are my collection feeding, mating & a couple of newly aquired Amel Cornsnakes.
Lets see some pictures...

Here, is Nolan the Sinoloan Milksnake enjoying a fuzzy. Mind she just started to show her milky color (shedding). If the shedding color just shown, its OK to feed. Dont feed if pass a few days. You might waste your feeders.
010_2008-12-05 Sinaloan MilkSnake

A California Striped KingSnake. I call him OreoKing.
022_2008-12-05 Cali Stripe King

A Banana Striped Californian KingSnake. Simple i call him Banana.
030_2008-12-05 Banana Reverse Milk

An Amel Motley CornSnake (SOLD, Thank you.. i'll post her progress until she is ready for your care.)
034_2008-12-05 Amel Motley Corn-01
Here, she is eating a pinky.
043_2008-12-05 Amel Motley Corn-01

My Amel Motley CornSnake. Havent name him yet.. I want to wait for it to shed.
050_2008-12-05 RED Amel Motley Corn

A SnowCorn, is named Snow. I decide not to feed her, as she has passed her shed. Shedding on Albinos, it hard to see when she is going to shed. So a noted history comes in handy.
051_2008-12-05 Snow Corn

Albino Nelson MilkSnake, named Baby. A really good example, of how middle of a shedding looks like. In a few more day, the milky color will disappear then she will shed. After feeding time.
055_2008-12-05 Albino Nelson Milk

Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake, Smygle. I have kept her since nov-2005. A 6-footer healty female. Tonight i try to mate her with an Anery Motley Corn on loan from a friend.
058_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Here is the partner.. Nice huh?
060_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Some actions.
065_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Here is a male tail. See how tapered & long that looks? On females it tapered shorter.
070_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Its not so obvious here, but if seen live. there is a difference. But hey, a good supplier will know, which is male and female. And Smygle is a female, and the partner is a male. Or else we will see a brawl instead.. ahakz.
078_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

they were no mating action last night. its just the 1st night. and smygle is a virgin, hehhee.. i'll try again in 2-days.
071_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Mr Lemon, the Lemon Pastel BallPython. He's feeds & feeds..
082_2008-12-05 Lemon Pastel BallPython

On my next post. Im gonna post an Albino Texas Ratsnake Bugeye version. yup, Bugeye.. its awesome. looks like a snake with contact lens. And also a Pinstripe Ballpython, by far this ballpython really really burnt a hole in my pocket, but an apportunity I must grab.
Stay tuned... ;o)
Want to see more pictures, they are at my flickr. <-Clicky.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yayasan Open Day 15-17 Nov 2008

Picture took with permission from ;o)
i look like an alien... ;oP

Monday, October 13, 2008

So how is Mike doing?

I guess i better share this.. All health begins with a clean home. Here are my choice of disinfectant, which are readily available in supermarkets throughout Brunei. They are cheap and can last me 3-6 mths. The Dettol Fresh Scent is really nice, i prefer that then the spring mist of the Clorox brand. The Original Dettol is great, all my Snake are use to the smell. Oh, as this are chemicals, pls do wash your snake container with lots and lots of water after disinfectanting them. You dont want to poison your snake in their homes.

Here are my snakes collection. No pictures is the Albino Nelson MilkSnake @ Baby & Reverse Okeetee CornSnake @ Smygle. Well, can you name the Snakes??

In my flickr, i name this set Mike's Intensive Care. Look at it, kesian kan. Im giving him this Home-Made solution 3-times already, once every 24-Hours.. Today, i just gave him another one, it looks like he's getting hydrated & he is abit active than before. This method is the absolutely last method, as this method causes tremendous stress on them. I wouldnt resort to feed him like this, but as vets here is unknown to reptiles world so by Asking a few friends here and there, and i was pointed to a right direction. Hope fully, Mike will recover.

Here is a de-hydrated BallPython. Pls avoid buying Ballpython with this condition, as my previous story say, its a lesson for me to learn, and for you not to experience. It's ready a headache really, luckily i have time to care for Mike. And i want him to grow & be healthy. Pls wish him full recover, as im treating him as much as i can.

And here is my journal, anything i do to my snake, i write it down. Yup, serious SnakeKeeper keeps one.

Hope you enjoy the pics. More pics in my flickr.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

3 Ball Pythons, 2 died.


brought 3 Ball Pytons, 2-died already. The other one gonna died too. I need more responsible sellers OR maybe I need more infos on how to choose a healthy BallP.

All my other 8 snakes are alive & well. I have started keeping snakes since november-2005. This is my 1st & 2nd time in a row, where my experience fail me. Or the Ballp was already sick in the 1st place. So yeah, i blame myself for choosing a sick snake. Well, I blame myself too, for eagerly to take a BallPython home, with thinking that i can cure the illness the BallP has suffer.

But with this aside.. Question me anything on snake keeping, i'll be gladly to answer all your question. You can see me at,,

For one who want to keep snake, some info.. Snakes doest not tolerate under hot condition. Reptiles are cooled-blooded animals, they need to cool-off to regulate their body temperature, misting them help a bit. But too much misting can lead them to respiratory infection, bacterial infection, fungus/mold infestion & also cold. Yes, snake can have cold too.

Passing snake around without a control resting time, can lead stress to them. besure to allow the snake to rest after a handling period. Stress snake are prone to illness. Passing the snake around also passes any external parasite/bacteria from one snake to the other. Unless, an antiseptic bath is administer after that.

Just like humans, when our immunity drops we get a cold. Same for snake or any other animals. stress can lower the immunity of snake. For imported animals, there is this rest period can "quarantite period". it is a resting time for the pet to fight off & increase its immunity. As all animals will have a bacterial/pathogen in them, its just in normal condition, the animal immunity can fight off this bacterial/pathogen, but when transported/boxed/handle.. the animal develop stress, which lowers the immunity.

When buying a snake, there need to be a quarantine period before the seller sells it. This can prove to be the most & 1st priority for you to enjoy a long lived snake.. AND you should also do quarantine yoursanke, even if the seller claims the snake has been quarantine.

How to quarantine? Easy. I'll mention it in my next post.

expect a snake to be shiny, smooth & active (flickering tougue), it should readily accept a meal with an ample time from its last meal (request the seller, to show you this). avoid snake with cut & bruise.. Question the seller, on anything that you are not satisfied with the snake. Well, you want a healthy snake to take care of, NOT a sick snake.

Well, enough of this. Approaching next year, i hope to see (my own + a friend of mine) locally breed Bruneian-born cornsnake or maybe BallPythons. Locally breed snake are more healthier, as they dont come to stress on transportation & handling, etc. You will be well inform of who the parents are. Healthy parents = healthy babies. I may even make a daily to weekly progress on the eggs, with pictures.. so, Watch this space...

sorry, readers. this is not today but a few months back. Brunei watch out dont jump on buying a snake/python, if the seller is not very informative on snake keeping. I pity people, who had their 1st snake & died. It not your fault. Maybe you dont have enough information. Well, ask me for more info.

Look thru my pass post, the one that died are my Hi-Yellow Ball Pythons,named Yellow & Betty, the other one that is sick is the Normal Ball named Mike. The one below, Lemon is a Lemon Pastel Ball Python. I brought this healthy Ball python from a Reputable friend. Its is eating very well, good appetite, good body, shiny skin & eyes. A good indication of a very healthy snake.

There you go.. I learn a lesson on this.

*I edited the original post.. Hope the other readers here, dont take it the negative way, as Im just sharing my experience here, whether you want to take it the positive way or the negative way*

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lemon Pastel Ball Python

My third Ball Python. I didnt post the other two, as they are kinda of the Normal ones. This is a Lemon Pastel Ball Python. Got it on the 19-Sept-2008. Cant wait til it grows.
Want to see more? Click-> flickr

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Albino Nelson Milksnake

My snake no.9, yup I hooked on them.. I got her on the 08-Sept-08. ;o)

More pics at my flickr.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First they were TWO, now there are SIX.

My sis, took home 2 rabbits. After a while, they become SIX. They seem to grow over night. They were so adorable when little. Now still little around 6-weeks, they will be full grown in 4-mths.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Am I well informed about my Pets?

Before i decide to keep the pets that i have. I brought books, books are very good, you cant beat it. I know ppl will say look through the internet. My say get both. With books, you can always refer when you have any doubt/implication. Get 1 or 2 of books of the same subject. Anyway, im gonna get a Designer Ball soon, so 2 of the Ball python books dont do me justice, so 2 more are in the mail. Stay tuned for my Designer Ball to come.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is it LOMO-graphy day in Brunei.

IS this LOMO? Well, due to the Lomo-craze in Brunei (the way I see it) There was a Lomo exhibition at The Mall, Body shop if you must know. Lomo in my word, are pics taken from old film camera. For better meaning, pls google it.. (*im too lazy). Well, its the digital age, and I dont see how digital manipulation cant copy this. Here's mine.
A whole lot more LOMO works at my flickr.. Im not even sure, but i like it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

2008-08-30 Snake Show at Sekolah Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah

Second day during the Snake show at Sekolah Yayasan. More students & teachers entered as they are ready to defeat their fears. Unfortunately, its the last day. But I heard rumors, they be calling us again for their 10th Anniversary in November-08. Stay Tuned.
Wanna see more? Click my flickr.

More pics at my set in flickr.

2008-08-28 Snake Show at Sekolah Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah

A fun-day/Snake Show at the Sekolah Yayasan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah on the 28-August-2008. Here's my Smygle, which i have bring to Blue Eden a few months ago.
More pics are at my flickr.

More pics at my flickr.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mike & Betty on 20-Aug-2008.

This is Mike. He's a Normal Ball Python.

This is Betty. She's got more yellow tone, thus she's a High-Yellow Variation of a Ball Python.
More pics at my flickr.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ball Pythons Galore!!!

What a nice sunday afternoon..

Next year, i'm gonna get my self a designer ball. At the moment, i got 2 pairs. 1 Normal Ball, the other is a Hi-Yellow Ball. They are still in quarantine, yes.. i quarantine them, which means no touching for at least 3-day. Care your snake from young, and you can expect a long-live snake. More at my flickr.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meet Rainbow, the Pueblan Milksnake.

Here is Rainbow, he's a Pueblan Milksnake. I brought her on 10-October-2007. Here he's feeding on a Peach Fuzzies (a name given to baby mice which has started forming fur) this was taken on the 08-March-2008.
More of my pets pics at my flickr, its not much at the moment. But do come back...