Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Leopard Gecko Breeding 2011

Sorry for the lack of update, been a pretty buzy month for me. ahaks.. Another rodent room has been made. Woohoo.. But im still catching up on my rodent breeding. As they are no supplies here, who can supply me at least 40-50 breeding pairs. (Anyone, who knows or can supply or offer.. hit me an email or call me. Name me your price!!) To date, manage to increase my rat breeding colony from 3, to 7 now. With 1.3 in each tub. Once I hit 10 colonies, i will need 10 adult males, as to minimise inline breeding.

Now, Something "NEW" for 2011.

Below are, Sunglow and Jungle Tremper.
Offspring between these two would be 50%/50%, Sunglows & Jungle Trempers.

I didnt think i would have in my mind to keep them. But due to my abundant supplies (from self breeding) of mealworms, even my 25 plus Tarantulas & feeding my Sugargliders, I still got excess. And I got no intention of selling them. (Mealworms)

Nothing better than self breeding of their food/feeders. As I know, what my feeders eat.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Breeding Resume.

Hello, Im following a tip from Justin of J.Kobylka Reptiles. (well, there is no harm in trying, or experiment, right) That give the breeding snakes a 1 week rest every month.
It does give a very valid point (who you are kidding, an advice from justin kobylka lol)
1st. it rest both the pairing.
2nd. it keep the stress back to minimum.
3th. time for me to take a rest too. haha.. im following a 3-days on/off pairing.
4th. it keeps my rat/mic production in check. Pounding my rodents every 3-days, make my stocks in chaos. Take this word from me, I breed & also buy. (i need to be fully prepare for the coming snake babies, hopefully)
5th. importantly, time for me to check the condition of my animals.
So after the 1 week rest, I went back to breeding, after a few hours, this happen..

Butter X Crocky (Normal), which will give Normals & Butter.

Pastel x Genetic Stripe, which will give Pastel & Normal 100% het Genetic Stripe.
I pair the Genetic Stripe with a Butter last month too. So, roulette breeding on this one, but hope both Pastels & Butters will turn out on this one. lol..
My most anticipate pairing. I strictly place a Butter & this "Pastel" to breed with my streak. (hopefully, he's a Pastel Yellowbelly)
Pastel (hopefully its a Pastel Yellowbelly) X Silver Streak.
If the Butter was the father, hoping for the Butter Black Pewter.
If the Pastel (hopefully Pastel Yellowbelly), wish to nail the SilverStreak Belly. (Can I call it that?? lol)
But even if the pastel is just a Pastel, a SilverStreak the most wont be too bad + a super pastel & a black pewter in the mix.
Maybe its the non-stop raining for 2-days now.. or maybe, the 1 week rest gave them full energy. Anyhow, its pairing & pairing.. until *jeng jeng* ovulation..

Captive-breed Ball Pythons in Brunei? Well, its too soon to say.. But wish me all the best..

Friday, January 14, 2011

1 Year Brongersmai Shedding

After a year, how does a brong looks like. Below is a link about a year ago.

Her completed shed. With this, Humidity is perfect..

Here she is now.. The same bowl. (But im not using that bowl for her anymore)

She's just a Normal, wont see her to brighten up soon. But i love her tame & docile character.

She live in my snake-rack at the moment. Until, she out-grow this current one.

Keeping brongs IMHO is a bit different than Ball Pythons. Brongs on my personal observation, they require a bit of a higher humidity than Balls. So, adding to the simplicity of keeping boids, I mist my bloods tubs twice a week.