Thursday, July 28, 2011

1 Egg, 2 Eggs, 3 Eggs.

Below, are recent eggs between my 1.0 Pastel & 0.1 Pastel (Sweeto)
7-Days in incubation.

Here, are 2nd clutch of eggs between my 1.0 Pastel, 1.0 Butter, 1.0 Pastel Yellowbelly & 0.1 Genetic Stripe
30-Days in incubation.
Here is my 1st clutch of eggs. Between my 1.0 Butter x 0.1 Normal (Crocky). 42-Days in incubation.
In another 2-weeks or so, Inshallah. ;o)
Incubation them at 31.1C-31.3C. Substrate-less method.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Campers visits Exotic Pets Expo 2011.

Hello, again. Another busy morning, as the Summer Campers of ISB, JIS & CBf came for an educational visit to the Exotic Pets Expo 2011 at HuaHo Mid-Year Expo 2011, Kiulap.

Usually, the students would go for a few hours of arcade at The Mall. But, since they heard there is a Exotic Pets Expo around the corner. The students cheer to have something different for a change.
Students above holding a Granite Burmese Python & a Genetic Stripe Ball Python.

Rather than a couple of hours at the Arcade, the teachers here thinks it a best thing that this expo have to offer is the individual tour guide explaining the species, care, do & don't about pet reptiles.
Students holding a Butter Ball Python, Cinnamon Ball Python & a Lemon Blast Ball Python.

At first, some of the students are scared of the slithering snakes & crawling lizards. But with the tour guides around, they are given assurance that the animals display here make wonderful pets and are totally safe.
Students very eager to hold a Red Knee Tarantula.

Before entering the exhibition, the tour guides usually practice a Brief Safety Briefing. Included in the briefing is whenever you encounter a snake outside this exhibition, pls call your mommy or daddy or your teachers. Or simply call for HELP. The snake found outside of the exhibition are very unfriendly and will hurt you. The students agree to this statement, and hopefully this educational tour will remind them of the dangers.
Albino Burmese held by students.

Apart from the animals displayed, there is a sitting area with a video about reptiles showing every 30-60 minutes intervals. For someone, who are scared of snakes, they can sit down and watch the video, in their own comfort.
A student showing his friends that he can carry a Granite Burmese all by himself. ;)

The students ask question about what they eat, the daily routine of cleaning and petting the animals. Some even wanted to volunteer working as they wanted to handle & touch the reptiles everyday. ;o)
Students helping out giving sanitizer to students before leaving the exhibition.

The crew and myself, Thank you, for the warm and very friendly students from Summer Camp.
Hope that you guys had a very wonderful experience & very educational tour.

We are open from 19-July till the 21-August-2011. 10am -10pm. At the Huaho, Kiulap Branch inside the Huaho Mid-Year Expo Tent.

See you soon.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Exotic Pets Expo 2011 by

Don't miss this out the Exotic Pets Expo 2011 at the Kiulap Hua Ho Mid Year Sale Expo 2011.
Inside they have more than 40 different snakes and reptiles. Most of the collection is owned by Eddie. Check out his blog here. Is really worth to have a look inside there unless you are a Ophidiohobic "afraid of snake" one lah! Yes at 1st I am a bit afraid of touching them but after a while understand them I start not takut and dare to touch them. It feel really smooth for some snake and I didn't expected they are so good boy and good girl.
I see this hobby getting popular on this day... I also feel like want to keep one also but I was told by Ezam make sure I really love this pet and can taking care them for 15 to 30 years coz some of this animal can live up to 30 years long so make sure you really take them as your part of family. Don't just play play for few years then throw them away like no body. So after the few consideration I think I quit for this hobby coz I don't think I can tahan that long. So I', going back there again but this time with my family.. It is great place for family and kids to visit and is really worth for some education about the reptile also.
It started opened already from today 22 July until 21 August time 10am-10pm. $3.00 for kids, $6.00 for adult and half price for senior citizen to entry.

He so brave

I guess snake also know how to choose people one...

Adik ni macam Pro lah!!!

She look sexy.....

I see numbers!!!!! Did you see what I see??? hehehe

A heart full & personal thank-you to for his generous contribution & event coverage.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Small Female, Small Clutch.

Small female equals small clutch (less eggs) I expected this, as this female was just on breeding weight of 1280-grams when I 1st pair her in December'10 with my 1.0 Pastel. She continues to eat during the breeding, (she never refuse a meal, ever since I got her) then refuse & accepted food till the middle of 3th month of breeding. After that, she refuses completely any food offered on the 4th month till today.
Ball Python shows parental instinct, which in the reptile kingdom, they usually dont take care of their youngs. But, to lessen the stress, and safety of my females & the need to bring her weight back up. I have to remove the eggs, and incubate it artificially.
There is no harm in parental incubation, but bear in mind, the female havent been eating for the pass 3 months, and ball python eggs usually hatch in average 55-days, with the mom on the eggs, that's a total of 5-months without food.
So, I'm going to artificially incubate the eggs, then tomorrow, hopefully she'll have her 1st meal. (2 of my females, accepted food straight away 1 day after they lay, hope this one will too)

A slim chance for a super pastel, but who knows, right? On paper, there is a 1 in every 4 eggs for a super pastel. My target is a male super pastel, that my wish, lol.. All 4 eggs, Super pastels, please.. AMIN!!
55-days plus today, expected hatching 16-sept-2011.

Monday, July 18, 2011

How are my baby Leopard Geckos?

My post on the May 6, 2011.
About the hatching of my Leopard Gecko between a pairing of a Sunglow and a Jungle Tremper.

Here they are after about 2 months 1 weeks old .
I'm so new to the Leopard Gecko world, I 'to-date' dont know what morph are these offsprings are.
Hope, a few gecko hobbiest will guide me, lol. Anyway, my next pairing will be between a Sunglow x Sunglow, which will yield 100% sunglows.

More picture in my fb's album.

They are Albino Trempers. (Updated 19-August-2011)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Exotic Pets Expo 2011

So how was the Exotic Pets Expo 2011?
Thanks to all that came, and indirectly supporting Local Brunei SMEs.

Part 2 of Exotic Pets Expo 2011 will start on the 20-July-2011 till 07-August-2011.

See you there...

SME Products & Services Expo
Part 1: 24 June - 10 July 2011
Part 2: 22 July - 7 August 2011

Syria Products Showcase
11-20 July 2011

Expo Ramadhan/Shawal 1432/2011
10-29 August 2011

Exotic Pets Expo 2011
Part 1: 24 June - 10 July 2011
Part 2: 20 July - 7 August 2011
Part 3: 08 - 29 August 2011

Business Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

How to make a 1:1 ratio on your vermiculite.

1. Tare your Egg Container.
2. Weight your dry vermiculite. Here i place 100-grams. I'm using a 1:1 ratio water/vermiculite ratio.
3. After "tare" the vermiculite weight. Add water using a water sprayer, its gets everything wet evenly.
4. 101-grams of water in the 100-grams of vermiculite mix. No mixing nessary, no mess. Good luck.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blonde Pastel is inverted.

Maybe just like my Genetic stripe. Inverted on 02-june, lay on 28-June. So Give an take 26-Days. Hope for a male super on this one.