Friday, July 31, 2009

Just a NORMAL Ball Python. (FOR SALE)

SOLD thanks to buyer. Pls update on his growth at Brunei Pets Forum. ;o)

HE's a NORMAL with wicked yellow coloring on its side. You have to view it to appreciate its beauty.
Video taken on 28-July-2009.

Pic below taken on 02-Aug-2009.
Gender: Male
Last weight : 405-grams. (05-Nov-09)
Details: Excellent eater.
Husbandry & Feeding records available & will be transfer to new owner.
Ask me for price..

ps. ONLY for sale in Brunei Darussalam. I dont ship internationally.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Introducing Crocky the Female Ball Python

I got this in January-09. She's now 1 year 3mths old.

Below is how she looked like in Jan-09. How much she has grown.. More pic of here in my flickr.
038_2009-01-10_Normal Ball Crocky
Need to take out my camera & make a pic update on them soon. aikz!! Please make a comment & request pics of my pets ;P Im running out of ideas.. HAHAH.. or else i'll just put random stuff.. huhuhu..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why CornSnake.. ;o)

So been following my posts. Well, another video.. Dulu-dulu, i wasnt into Ballpythons cause, I tot "dulu-dulu" ballpythons ani ular penalan (retic), BUT i was wrong, they are just like CornSnake, only balls got a larger girth. cant keep up with my short-cuts on reptile language.. inda apa paham2 kan tia saja. Back to cornsnake, why I love them in the 1st place. Yup, My 1st snake is a Cornsnake. I think i have the largest, longest cornsnake in Brunei. (If they are other unknown cornsnake keeper in Brunei, prove me wrong.. My corn is a Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake, i got HER in Nov-05, so an estimate age of 3-years 10mths, weighting over 1000-grams, and last i measure was 5 feet 7 inch long, she's gonna be mum this year, again..)

Here a video taken from Cornsnakes & their cool paintjob. Paintjob ertinya warna2 & pattern2..


Sunday, July 12, 2009

And why Ball Pythons?

So you taught Ball pythons only comes in those dark brown, green colors eh?? wrong.. You avent seen nothing yet...
Here let me share... the Ball Python Morphs.

And want to see cornsnake colors or what we call it their paint job?? come back in 2-days... ;P

Friday, July 10, 2009

So what got me into this Snake Hobby? Well, i call it ADDICTION.. lol

Well, its another video post.. ;o) This is what i tune to every Wednesday Night. A show call , a US snake breeder who breeders 30,000 snakes annually. I think this video shows why im into this snake hobby, perfectly.. ;P

Let me add that, most of the BASE morphs & a few MORPHS are available here in Brunei Darussalam already.. So stay tuned, watch the snake LIVE is more worth it than just looking at them thru your computer screen. ;) yeah, did I say Brunei. Im from Brunei la.. urg Brunei kali nie ah..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to close a Pet Show 2009?

Well, you take out a 19-foot Reticulated Python and let the people visiting see it 1st hand LIVE!!!

Thanks to all that came. All comments are viewed so we can do a better one next time. And hope that more people now are much informed on this misunderstood creatures.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

So you got a tame glider?

Let's meet up, and call it Brunei SugarGlider Owner Club.. lol

its no joke actually.. ;o)
At least, we can put inbreeding at bay. You know inbreeding is no good right.. ;oP

ps. Do you enjoy the HD video? and sorry for the darkness, youtube may have compress it too much, that its a bit dark to view.. gah!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

One of my unexpected purchase.

How do one get this morph?
Get a Black Pastel, breed it with a Pastel.
And you get: 25% Black Pewter, 25% Black Pastel, 25% Pastel, 25% Normal
Get the Black Pewter & breed it with a Pastel, and you get:
12.5% SilverStreak, 12.5% Super Pastel, 25% Black Pewter, 25% Pastel, 12.5% Black Pastel, 12.5% Normal
Well, those are just the predictions. ;o)
Anyway, I present you Black Pewter x Pastel = Silver Streak Ball Python.
pewter x pastel = silver streak

Its going to be an exciting year in 2010, when all my ballpythons are up to breeding weight. I got a Pastel, Pinstripe, SilverStreak & a future purchase a Lesser. With help from a friend, he got Albino, Butter, Yellow Belly, Mojave, Pastel, BumbleeBee. Hopefully with prays, good odds & good morphs will come from the breeding. Pls pls pls... get me morphs. (ppl reading this blog, sure will question, what are morphs.. well, as all pet.. do your research inside & out, then you'll know why... ;o) )

Adding to that, this year.. Im going to try breed my Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake again, hopefully this year, she'll produce eggs. Also to keep the hobby interesting some Milksnakes & Western Hognose breeding are in plans. Oh yeah, we are expecting some Snowcorns babies this year.. So GOT SNAKES?!

to the Bruneian Snake communitiy, if there is any? Step up and introduce yourself.. Im not going to keep all the babies.. ;p