Tuesday, October 7, 2008

3 Ball Pythons, 2 died.


brought 3 Ball Pytons, 2-died already. The other one gonna died too. I need more responsible sellers OR maybe I need more infos on how to choose a healthy BallP.

All my other 8 snakes are alive & well. I have started keeping snakes since november-2005. This is my 1st & 2nd time in a row, where my experience fail me. Or the Ballp was already sick in the 1st place. So yeah, i blame myself for choosing a sick snake. Well, I blame myself too, for eagerly to take a BallPython home, with thinking that i can cure the illness the BallP has suffer.

But with this aside.. Question me anything on snake keeping, i'll be gladly to answer all your question. You can see me at cornsnakes.com, kingsnake.com, malaysiafauna.com

For one who want to keep snake, some info.. Snakes doest not tolerate under hot condition. Reptiles are cooled-blooded animals, they need to cool-off to regulate their body temperature, misting them help a bit. But too much misting can lead them to respiratory infection, bacterial infection, fungus/mold infestion & also cold. Yes, snake can have cold too.

Passing snake around without a control resting time, can lead stress to them. besure to allow the snake to rest after a handling period. Stress snake are prone to illness. Passing the snake around also passes any external parasite/bacteria from one snake to the other. Unless, an antiseptic bath is administer after that.

Just like humans, when our immunity drops we get a cold. Same for snake or any other animals. stress can lower the immunity of snake. For imported animals, there is this rest period can "quarantite period". it is a resting time for the pet to fight off & increase its immunity. As all animals will have a bacterial/pathogen in them, its just in normal condition, the animal immunity can fight off this bacterial/pathogen, but when transported/boxed/handle.. the animal develop stress, which lowers the immunity.

When buying a snake, there need to be a quarantine period before the seller sells it. This can prove to be the most & 1st priority for you to enjoy a long lived snake.. AND you should also do quarantine yoursanke, even if the seller claims the snake has been quarantine.

How to quarantine? Easy. I'll mention it in my next post.

expect a snake to be shiny, smooth & active (flickering tougue), it should readily accept a meal with an ample time from its last meal (request the seller, to show you this). avoid snake with cut & bruise.. Question the seller, on anything that you are not satisfied with the snake. Well, you want a healthy snake to take care of, NOT a sick snake.

Well, enough of this. Approaching next year, i hope to see (my own + a friend of mine) locally breed Bruneian-born cornsnake or maybe BallPythons. Locally breed snake are more healthier, as they dont come to stress on transportation & handling, etc. You will be well inform of who the parents are. Healthy parents = healthy babies. I may even make a daily to weekly progress on the eggs, with pictures.. so, Watch this space...

sorry, readers. this is not today but a few months back. Brunei watch out dont jump on buying a snake/python, if the seller is not very informative on snake keeping. I pity people, who had their 1st snake & died. It not your fault. Maybe you dont have enough information. Well, ask me for more info.

Look thru my pass post, the one that died are my Hi-Yellow Ball Pythons,named Yellow & Betty, the other one that is sick is the Normal Ball named Mike. The one below, Lemon is a Lemon Pastel Ball Python. I brought this healthy Ball python from a Reputable friend. Its is eating very well, good appetite, good body, shiny skin & eyes. A good indication of a very healthy snake.

There you go.. I learn a lesson on this.

*I edited the original post.. Hope the other readers here, dont take it the negative way, as Im just sharing my experience here, whether you want to take it the positive way or the negative way*


said said...

hy,i know which beach u mean..tapi aku pernah membali ular disana 2 ekor ball phyton and burmese phyton.semuanya sihat dan sekarang sudah basar..bukan salah penjual tu..every binatang yang bernyawa pasti kan mati..and apa yang perlu penjual tanggungjawabkan,sedangkan durang bejual dengan atas persetujuan antara pembeli dan penjual.

Justine said...

Well actually as far as i know, If the seller not so well informative about the animal he selling, i just think its just pure greedy..To sell the animal i believe u must well inform of the animal situation e.g feeding, Shedding, Temperature and etc..Never buy animal that look sick, and as far as i know, ball python have a long life.. 20 to 38 yrs. 38yrs is the record.. If it just died on young age...the baby maybe came from untrustworthy breeder..I myself will never buy snake at the beach, panas kali ah, there r cold blooded, stress jua ular tu..my opinion saja lah ni.

Allen said...

hai hai hai
jgn gaduh2 lo
slmt hari raya....semua hehehe
pasal ular mati tu i think u shudn't blame the seller at all. fikirkan how long tne snake alive when wif u. lau ia sakit masa mula2 membali gerenti less than a month dan mati. lau still alive more than that i think u shud look at ur side. not the seller side. i ever came to the beach twice and had bought one iguana frm them. it quiet small but healthy one. until now still alive..hehehe
c'mon bro how come experience keeper like u, dunno whether the snakes are unhealthy or not??. if it is unhealthy u shud reject them at the beginning. u own rite dear...hehehe. this case almost similar like my case. dulu i hv my own shop selling hp, etc. but now i dunt want anymore bcoz of my strange(hehe) customer. i sell good condition hp yo, after few weeks my customer did complaint abt it. of course after agreement made i can't do except to repair it. but the customer want to change a new onw which is impposible. so please try to understand in your situation i dun think the seller always wrong. c'mon lah yours is alive thing, esok lusa mati kali ah...bulih... keep blaming the seller is not the rite way. uninformative lah, irresponsible lah. do you think by exposing this story is a good way just to express your broken heart feeling....
knapa ular the seller tu nda mati ah?? if i'm not mistaken every week at the beach. u know what i ever seen the seller keep on cooling the snakes with water at the beach which i believe they know well how to care their pets.
i'm not saying that they are 100% correct, but as far as i know, i also ever encounter this problem b4 by problem customer... sorry to say dat...
ok to be continue nanti...i wud like to contact the seller about this to get the whole story.....
hope they read this stroy already...
bye salam

Allen said...

hai forgot to tell you...

i ever ask from marvin, louis son... about his ball python bcoz my fren wanna buy. he told me one of his bp died, if i not mistaken lavendar bp, see experience keeper like him also can't stop that reptile from dying.....pity on the seller not the buyer...
ok loh...c ya

Marvin said...

Hello hello, Wait.. Mana ku pernah ada Lavender Ball python. I have albino Ball python and some others, but Not lavendar...jan lah mislead.
My normal ball python yg die, But not because of me, My bro pinjam kan arah his friends without me knowing it, n his friends left it in his office, with air condition on(full Blast) and leave it their for a wks.
Others then that..tidak ada yg mati, semua sihat sihat belaka..Btw he ganti my lose.
Sharing saja

Marvin said...


Check out my flick, My collection is there...Reptile n other pets

Eddie HM said...

thanks for your comment.

ya la.. is all my fault.

i brought 3 snake from same buyer, 2-died, the third one, going to die. But im treating him.

Is it my fault?

How 1st ballpython (hi-yellow male) died? got him on 06-July-2008 at around 530pm. Died 07-July-2008 at 700am. Yeah, my fault.

How 2nd ballpython (hi-yellow female) died? Brought 14-Aug-2008, Died 29-Sept-2008. History of eating, 20-Aug-2008, then starve itself till died. Condition when brought, lumps all over body(cant do nothing), very dry skin(cure), made hissing noise while breathing(cure) but still died. My fault.. Yeah, my fault.

3th ballpython (male normal). Brought 14-Aug-2008. Eating: 20-Aug, 26-Aug, 31-Aug. Condition when brought: lumps all over body(cant do nothing), very dry skin(still treating), made hissing noise while breathing(cure), a deep cut on lower left side of body(cure). If died, my fault la.

why i buy, even if i know the snake is sick. When I saw it 1st, its ok. Then arrange for pick-up, then its not like same snake, im a collector/hobbiest. would I buy again from the same seller.

said: wanna sell that 2 ball phyton you got? say your price, if its market price, i'll consider taking it.. haha. you are lucky, as the ballpython you brought dulu, is from a healthy breed. But now as his reputation increase, why have to pay more for healthy ballp, when ill ones cost less. come on, bro.. i know how this trading world goes.

justine: good, that you know your reptiles.

allen: kalau brunei nie ada reptile shop, i can choose and take my time picking up the most healthiest & one that catches my eye the most. But this is different, after booking with cash deposit in-advance, a seller dare say... mau kah inda, kalau inda ada urg lain kan bali. like this kah? I dont mind spending, or even losing cash, cash can be made. But friendship & reputation, that the 1st yo have to maintain.. the reptile scene here, is still small.. not like indonesia, thailand & malaysia. over there is big. If he want a good reputation as seller/animal/reptile enthusiast, as he claims to be one. He should take customer needs as his top priority 1st. And all this happen to me, a snake keeper with 3-years experience. How would you response, if I was you?

he says he travel to pick the snake himself. So in my stupid head, i suppose he'll choose which are healthy ones & avoid the ill one. but my 2 dead ballpythons & 1 in Intensive Care, proves they are healthy.. but not by my standards.

as a seller you dont reply, "Ada la.." for a question.. eh, dari mana ko ambil ular mu? is that professionalism? hiding facts? conning? look like it..

hp are electronics. and i believe there is a warranty period for this. after a "few weeks" have problem, i believe all hp shop will change to a new one is found defective (within a warranty period). But how many hp did this customer buy? 1? 2? 3? what if i was this customer, and i buy 3. and all 3 rosak? My fault also kah?

uninformative lah, irresponsible lah. do you think by exposing this story is a good way just to express your broken heart feeling.... yes & no. im not broken hearted. I dont like being cheated at. And I'm just telling other people that want to jump in to this hobby, to be very careful when choosing a specimen, better yet.. choose someone who know his stuffs.

Well, for me.. as i say, its a well learn lesson. And adding to that, like in my blog, im far off better to order them myself. As this overseas seller offer much more, "DOA" (dead on Arrival, no $ lose.. claim the insurance, not healthy on arrival(return back to sender or a discount).. after all this it all comes to customer-seller reputation.

ok, la.. my fault la. sorry seller. (fyi, since 29-Sept until now he havent txt back)

you know marvin meh?? his lavender died? let me ask him..

Eddie HM said...

Allen: there. marvin replied. so... "he told you one of his bp died" ah?? haha... I know, one is truth, one is misleading..

for your reading pleasure..
knapa ular the seller tu nda mati ah??

do you know, how many snake does he have? 1 ball python.. already big, yeah i know.. probably the same intake as said ballpython, the healthy batch. poor me, i got the bad batch. so 1 ballpython.. what else ah, oh, sugarglider.. is it healthy? the name sugarglider, does NOT mean it likes sugary stuff, he feeds that poor thing rambutans, susu manis.. poor little fella. apa lagi ia ada ah, rabbits. rabbits tutup mata pun idup. so.. what else?

said said...
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said said...
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said said...

hy..eddie kenapa perlu dijadi isu hangat pasal ular u yang mati ah..hahaha cali jua mcm anak2 bah..hal damit pun kan dibasar2 kan..tau seluruh dunia pasal ular u mati krg eh..apa2 ani nasib seseorang tu..mati kah hidupkan bintang atu nda jua dapat dikesali namanya bintang ani benyawa kan..sebatah2 ku kepantai atu banyk jua lagi binatangnya disana ah bukan saja bp tapi rock python.king sanke,local snake pun ada banyak lagi,arnab nya pun cute jua nada yang muka nya need to be repair lah..just kan membagi advise ja..sepatutnya tani sokong durang ani durang anak brunei nda mustahil kan maju dlm bisnes bintang ani so tani bagi sokongan dan buat persaingan sihat..mau kan tani meliat kaum cina tah nganya kan maju..orang melayu tah saja dibawah ketiak cina..melayu pun buleh maju iatah perlu sefahaman..ani maju sikat melayu ani udah tah ditindas..kesian kan melayu ani..BRUNEI MAJU..kalah kan tah cina ah..bukan plg kan mengaumkan bangsa ni..tapi melayu pun ada rasa kan maju jua..pasal ular ku atu nda jua menjuali eh sayang ku ..aku pun baru jua kan membuat koleksi bintang ah..sorry kalau terkasar bahasa..selamat hari raya..

Eddie HM said...

tidak pun hangat.. im just sharing my story. depend who want to take it positively or negatively.

so for me to buy 3 snakes costing $450 each, is not supporting? which 2 already died.. rugi? biar tia la.. perkara kecil. inda ku tau urg lain kalau terabang seribu, kepulis kali ia..

But just like every kadai makan, kalau makanan nya inda nyaman, mau kesana lagi kan?

awu, banar plng, mau jua melayu maju. ada kaitan dgn cina ani? nada pun cina cni, hehee.. aku melayu jua nie, tapi ada melayu ani.. rambut sama hitam hati lain-lain.

mau persaingan sihat.. aku no commnet nie..

ok, kalau inda mau jual.. bah mau breeding ka? laki kah bini ballpython mu atu? business tani.. aku mau jua kenalan dgn snake keeper in brunei ani. i show my collection, you show yours.. dpt share experience.

mana tau ko kan tambah collection mu tapi ku granti ko mau tambah la...

nah liat gambar sni..

aku minta maaf jua, kalau ada readers yang terguris hati, panas hati.. dan apa2 yang inda nyaman hati. Aku meminta maaf zahir & batin. Yang baik atu dari Allah, yang inda baik & kurang atu dari Aku jua.

Eddie HM said...


i have edited my post..


Marvin said...

Hello Semua Assalaimulaikum.. Sorry about your snake.. We do breeding project saja. My motley corn snake out of hibernation today ni after 1 wks brumation and 2 mths of hibernation...hehee ready lah ia kan mengatal tu after 3, 4 meal...sedia saja kan tia ur female okeete atu..dpt 30+ eggs.. share share saja..

max-oasism said...


said... i think you are racist...
the topics has nothing to do with Chinese and yet you include the element of race inside for what?

if you are talking about business world that Chinese are leading nowasays, then its fine...

but it seems like you are unhappy with people's reputation, why don't you give a kick in the business world and stop being so jealous about Chinese.

not all Chinese are business guy, its just minority if you ever study about the statistic of the world.

success in business or any case is individual matter, not race matter.

will you share your profit with people the same race with you?No.

will you give the poor your profits the same race with you? NO.

so, its obvious you are arousing the matter and blame on Chinese on your own failure in any case.

admin can delete my post if he/she found that i am not ethical to say this, but in order to make him realize his own sentiment, i will have to pour it out.

Eddie HM said...

i wont delete max comment.. no more comments from other.. its fun to debate, it make you think more.

so.. 2009 a new year, a new plan, more frens..

best of all, im still here. not hiding, and i show who i am.

im been sarcastic. hahaa...