Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009-Jan-10. So what's up??

1st. My 1.0 Lemon Pastel Ballpython
043_2009-01-10_Lemon Pastel

044_2009-01-10_Lemon Pastel

2nd. My 0.1 Pinstripe Ballpython
054_2009-01-10_Pinstripe Ballpython

065_2009-01-10_Pinstripe Ballpython

3th. Newest addition to the BallPython Family. 0.1 Normal BallPython.
037_2009-01-10_Normal Ball Crocky

012_2009-01-10_Normal Ball Crocky

Hj M, Amel Motley CornSnake. Looking good & growing...
069_2009-01-10_Hj Amel Motley

071_2009-01-10_Hj Amel Motley

My Amel Motley @ RED. In Blues.
073_2009-01-10_Amel Motley RED

074_2009-01-10_Amel Motley RED

My Reverse Okeetee.
Does she look bigger? Gravid perhaps??
077_2009-01-10_Smygle Reverse Okeetee Corn

081_2009-01-10_Smygle Reverse Okeetee Corn

Info Cards.. Yeah, not that nice, but it tell me all i need to know.
082_2009-01-10_Smygle Reverse Okeetee Corn

Gerbils on 03-Jan-09, eyes still close.
And today, eyes open & eating..

More pics at my flickr.


Angel said...

beautiful babies!

Eddie HM said...

hehee.. thanks..

Anonymous said...

mmm those for you to keep as pet.. or to feed to your snake..?

Eddie HM said...

i keep them (Gerbils) as pets...