Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Common Malayan Racer

I didnt not caught this snake in the jungle or in the wild. It enter my house, so it isnt consider wild-caught, hehee.. rather home-caught... So if you find this snake squirming into your house, dont kill it.. its brunei own local snake. use a broom and its bin, sweep it and release it back to the wild. Becareful tho, as all wild animals are aggresive & will bite. But dont worry if you get bite by this racer, as there is no poison. But a possibility of a cut will happen.. ;o)
025_2009-02-09 Edpets WC Snake
Dont worry, i will release it back to the wild. Or if it feeds, i will keep it.
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Shakyhand said...

Jaga2 Ed... according to Islamic teaching, snake found in a house can be a gene..... beri amaran tiga hari... kalau tak keluar... sah ular... ni dah tangkap ni...he..he..he.. tak tau lah apa dia.... matserpent

Eddie HM said...

hehe.. thanks bro. but esoknya mati tia snake atu.. too bad ah... maybe lama sudah in the house tapi no food, mati tia..

it was raining & floods everywhere.. and i take refuge.

well.. i also dont know... thanks, shakyhand...