Saturday, November 28, 2009

486-grams Lemon Pastel Ball Python

Morph: Lemon Pastel
Sex: Female
Weight: 486-grams (02-Dec-09)
Decided NOT to seller her.. ;P

Update, she is in-shed.. (26-Nov-09)
BP in shed , taking the picture now, just don't do justice.. But a few (3-persons) have seen her, and she's a beauty (even when in shed)...

Shedded & Weighted (02-Dec-09)
00_EdPets Pastels n Normals

Pastel Eyes.
01_EdPets Pastels n Normals

Clear Belly.
03_EdPets Pastels n Normals

Spot the Normal. (Crocky)
20_EdPets Pastels n Normals

Last one...
02_EdPets Pastels n Normals

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