Thursday, January 14, 2010


I think my Brong, got mites.
Now Both are under PAM treatment.. Just as a precaution.

Look at the eye sockets, mites love that area..
2010-01-09_02_Malaysia Blood Python

2010-01-09_03_Malaysia Blood Python

Here is what i did.
clean the entire cage, hide & water dish with lots of soap, dettol & clorox.
Dry them up, then spray PAM. (Provent-a-Mite), while waiting for the treatment to dry-up.
On the Blood, i gave:
warm bath for 5 mins.
warm bath with mild soap for 1-2 mins.
warm bath with iodine solution 1-2 mins.
dry them up. i moisten a cotton bud with baby oil, and moisten the area around their eyes. As i suspect the mites love the eye socket area.
then, i place them in their treated enclosure.
After 2-weeks, going to repeat the procedure.
In 4-weeks, the treatment is complete. It will be mite-free.

Will update on how the treatment goes..

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Romi said...

tip yg amat berguna untuk snake keeper...! thanks mr edd..!!