Friday, May 7, 2010

Snake Racks.

What do you do when you have a lot of pets, particularly like me, keeping snakes as pets. I want a more efficient & space saving way to keep all snakes. I ask around & found that a racking system will work best. Just like what the guys at BHBreptiles, henry piorun, ralphdavis they are using a rack system.
Its neat & very space saving. Tub rack also give you the no need for lids.
No lids give you quicker access to feeding & other husbandry adjustments. It does improve my cleaning & feeding time a lot. Before it was 3-4 hours job, now a mere 30-mins.

I made a plan about it in Feb-2010.
Before.. It looks messy & very un-organised.
A bookshelf brought from a local furniture shop, which i use to stack all my tubs on.
Then some Exoterra tubs.
Now... My more professional looking, smart tubs & the best very space saving.
I Go green guys, I recycle & I use back my old tubs and incorporated it to my rack design.

Here is my colubrids rack. My corns, milks & hognoses are place here. I use the existing bookshelf and done a modification to fit all the tubs.
Here's Pythons Rack. 27-snakes can accommodate this rack, but need to buy 7 more tubs. ;P
More pics in my album at facebook. -> DIY snake rack.
As pythons can get heavy. I adopt a white laminate finish and a thicker board to cater for the weight increase & the increase humidity. Dont want to face a mildew problem in the future due to high humidity.
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