Friday, September 17, 2010

Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake.

Here is my oldest snake in m collection. I keep her since she was a baby 5 years ago.
Did I mention, she was also my 1st snake. Before I buy a snake, I did my research before purchasing her. I research on their food, ease of keeping, temperament. You can find all these in google since we are all in this internet technology.
In summary, A very easy & a total beginners pet snake to keep. I have over 40-plus snake in my collection with 6 species of snake (i got blood python, boa, ball python, cornsnake, milksnake & hognose), I would put my word that corns are easier to keep. I ever keep kingsnakes species before but they are more temperament, not that i cant handle their temper or habit. I want to keep snakes that are known to be docile & not easily provoke.
So to those of you who wants to keep a pet snake, I highly recommend a cornsnake as your 1st snake. They will readily almost eat, cause compare to ball pythons, they do turn a meal down, which could hinder the eagerness of a new pet snake owner. Females grow up to 6-feet (well, that's the record), and males grow up to 4-feet. My Smygle (yeah, that's her name), she is just 5feet 10inch.
Then again, there are people keeping poisonous cobra, which will be putting himself at risk, not to mention the people (family) around you. Or why keep a Retic (Ular Sawa), they are cute when babies, but what will you do when it reach 10-feet or more, will you be able to feed it? Feeding mice or rats to them, that will take more than 20-mices or 10-rats to keep him full. where will you keep it? Do you have a friend standing by if you handle them, a snake over 8-feet, you need 2 person or more for supervision.
Be a responsible pet snake owner. There are enough stray cats and dogs around from irresponsible pet owners.. boo.

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