Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hypo Super Cinnamon

An Ugly hatchling that grows beautiful with each shed.
What can go wrong? A Recessive with a Super-form mix, sure makes interesting & superb snake.

Snake is breed by BaileyReptiles.
Photo taken by Aaron M Jones.

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Melissa said...

awsome snake how much r u guys sellin him for and if u guys are up to it i have a morph for u to try out for me i think u guys will exceed in doing so with this morph i havent seen anyone do this morph yet i was thinking you guys could try to morph or breed two different snakes it would be really cool THE SNAKES ARE A KENYAN SAND BOA BREED WITH A HOG NOSE SNAKE u guys should try this and see how it turns out also can u do a HYPO SUPER CINNAMON that is scaleless because im starting to look into getting a scaleless snake and this hypo super cinnamon would be awsome scaleless i will comment on more pics and vids because i have a lot of suggestions