Friday, December 31, 2010

over 15-ft and a Happy 2011 New Year..

Im just a small collector (and will keep it that way). Even if i have my own place & got lots and lots of space.(even if i have workers to do all the chores) I would really consider ever keeping a snake which can grow over 15-foot.
None, of the snake in my collection (to date) will ever to grow over 12-ft. I only predict my female brong will grow up to 10-ft.
.. a 24-ft long reticulated python.
Imagine, feeding it.
Imagine, handling it.
Imagine, the food.
Imagine, the waste.
(All the above, is situation, where you are the "only" keeper for such beauty)

Anyway, that is just me. I dont see, myself keeping them. Even tho, I love all snakes. I know, some of you out there, keep monster snake. So salute & congratulation for keeping them. Wish that snake, will enjoy a happy & healthy life as it is the owners responsibility to keep and take care of their pets, right.

Happy New Year 2011 to all the followers & readers of my blog. More animals, more pets & more snakes stories next year.
;o) Peace!!

ps. picture courtesy of Bob Clark.

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