Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Campers visits Exotic Pets Expo 2011.

Hello, again. Another busy morning, as the Summer Campers of ISB, JIS & CBf came for an educational visit to the Exotic Pets Expo 2011 at HuaHo Mid-Year Expo 2011, Kiulap.

Usually, the students would go for a few hours of arcade at The Mall. But, since they heard there is a Exotic Pets Expo around the corner. The students cheer to have something different for a change.
Students above holding a Granite Burmese Python & a Genetic Stripe Ball Python.

Rather than a couple of hours at the Arcade, the teachers here thinks it a best thing that this expo have to offer is the individual tour guide explaining the species, care, do & don't about pet reptiles.
Students holding a Butter Ball Python, Cinnamon Ball Python & a Lemon Blast Ball Python.

At first, some of the students are scared of the slithering snakes & crawling lizards. But with the tour guides around, they are given assurance that the animals display here make wonderful pets and are totally safe.
Students very eager to hold a Red Knee Tarantula.

Before entering the exhibition, the tour guides usually practice a Brief Safety Briefing. Included in the briefing is whenever you encounter a snake outside this exhibition, pls call your mommy or daddy or your teachers. Or simply call for HELP. The snake found outside of the exhibition are very unfriendly and will hurt you. The students agree to this statement, and hopefully this educational tour will remind them of the dangers.
Albino Burmese held by students.

Apart from the animals displayed, there is a sitting area with a video about reptiles showing every 30-60 minutes intervals. For someone, who are scared of snakes, they can sit down and watch the video, in their own comfort.
A student showing his friends that he can carry a Granite Burmese all by himself. ;)

The students ask question about what they eat, the daily routine of cleaning and petting the animals. Some even wanted to volunteer working as they wanted to handle & touch the reptiles everyday. ;o)
Students helping out giving sanitizer to students before leaving the exhibition.

The crew and myself, Thank you, for the warm and very friendly students from Summer Camp.
Hope that you guys had a very wonderful experience & very educational tour.

We are open from 19-July till the 21-August-2011. 10am -10pm. At the Huaho, Kiulap Branch inside the Huaho Mid-Year Expo Tent.

See you soon.

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