Friday, August 19, 2011

Blue Tongue Skink (For Sale)

Selling my Adult Blue Tongue Skink. Sold to me as a pair, male & female.
Wont sell them separately. But email me, cause a few has ask to buy them separately, so i can match you guys up.
Havent taken the most recent pictures of them but you can view them at the
HuaHo Exotic Pets Expo in Kuilap.
Reason selling - Trying to focus on another 4-legged creature.
The dark one is a Female - Normal BTS. The lighter color is a Male - Caramel BTS.
I rarely post & update on them. But i guarantee them both in healthy & in excellent condition.
De-worm, parasite-free and illness free, using Reptaid XL, long time ago. Now, receiving monthly maintenance of Reptaid XL for their healthy well-being.
More pictures in my fb album, CLICK.

Interested, Email Me.

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