Friday, September 2, 2011

What are these codes you are putting eddie?? 2011.BP.C02

Im using ID codes on my clutches now. How do you read it.
2011.BP.C02 = 2011 is Year Produce, BP is Ball Pythons, C02 is Clutch No.02.
Below is a 2011.BP.C02.XhGS.X, which reads, X either Normals (N) or Pastel (P), hets (h), Genetic Stripe(GS), the X is m(male), f(female) and their corresponding numbers.

The clutch below consists of 3.3 babies. Which are:

In the near future, there will be 2012.CS (cornsnake), 2012.HN (hognose), 2012.NM (Nelson Milksnake) & 2010.HM (Honduran Milksnake). Well, just email me personally, if you are confuse with the codes or have another idea on how i can IDs/records my clutches. Thanks.

Im placing my all my breeding records and other stuff for sale on my new created blog. So, it wont jumble up & its much more organise IMHO. So, in the future, you can trace back, what your animals parents or grandparents are. Hopefully..
Genetic Stripe on her Eggs.
My 1st Recessive Clutch of Ball Python.
Clutch ID: 2011.BP.C02
Sire: Pastel, Butter, Pastel YellowBelly
Dame: Genetic Stripe
Date Laid: 28-Jun-2011
Eggs Laid: 06 Eggs.
Preview: Going for ALL-IN on this Female. Paired my available males with her. Let see, who will father this clutch.
Hope to get at least a Male Morph, a bonus if a Female morph as well.
Date Hatched: 26-August-2011 (59-Pips, and Assist Cut the rest)
Hatched: 1.0 Pastel het Genetic Stripe, 2.0 Normals het Genetic Stripes, 0.3 Normals het Genetic Stripes
Comments: The Pastel fathered this clutch. Well, i was Hoping for a Male morph ;) and I got it. Will hold back either 1 or 2 female hets. (Update: Holding back 1 normal het)
Status: All Booked.
Below, the last pair. (2011.BP.C02.NhGS.m01 & 2011.BP.NhGS.f03)
My Hold-Back, 1.0 Pastel het Genetic Stripe
The Babies.
More Pictures - > C L I C K

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