Monday, January 9, 2012

Thanks to all that came..

I would like to Thank You, EdPets Crews, Volunteers & the Participants for the 1st Brunei Exotic Pets Show-Off. The 1st step is always the hardest. Inshallah, will try and make the Next one much better..

To all the visitors, i also sincerely, Thank You. Without YOU ALL, it will be just US. Hehehe.. I believe, in the process, alot more Bruneians are having an open mind on Reptiles or should i say on Snakes Now, right?

Reptiles are animals, can be be as good Pets just like Cats, Hamster or Aquarium Fish. People fear them because people dont understand them, but when you get educated on them. The Fear fade aways, and turns to interest.
As suggested by one of my crew. I let them go loose with the photo taking, so if any of your pictures are in it, Feel FREE to tag (Or if you want them removed, pls just comment on the pictures).
You can find all the Photos, at our facebook page, which is: then click photos on the side bar. (I shouldn't be explaining this, as even my 2 year old son, knows how to click and go to the albums sidebar)

LOL, thanks again. So, what's NEXT? Comment down below or leave a comment at my fb wall.

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