Saturday, December 6, 2008

2008-12-05 Just another routine.

hello. sorry due to the lack of updates, been buzy. Here are my collection feeding, mating & a couple of newly aquired Amel Cornsnakes.
Lets see some pictures...

Here, is Nolan the Sinoloan Milksnake enjoying a fuzzy. Mind she just started to show her milky color (shedding). If the shedding color just shown, its OK to feed. Dont feed if pass a few days. You might waste your feeders.
010_2008-12-05 Sinaloan MilkSnake

A California Striped KingSnake. I call him OreoKing.
022_2008-12-05 Cali Stripe King

A Banana Striped Californian KingSnake. Simple i call him Banana.
030_2008-12-05 Banana Reverse Milk

An Amel Motley CornSnake (SOLD, Thank you.. i'll post her progress until she is ready for your care.)
034_2008-12-05 Amel Motley Corn-01
Here, she is eating a pinky.
043_2008-12-05 Amel Motley Corn-01

My Amel Motley CornSnake. Havent name him yet.. I want to wait for it to shed.
050_2008-12-05 RED Amel Motley Corn

A SnowCorn, is named Snow. I decide not to feed her, as she has passed her shed. Shedding on Albinos, it hard to see when she is going to shed. So a noted history comes in handy.
051_2008-12-05 Snow Corn

Albino Nelson MilkSnake, named Baby. A really good example, of how middle of a shedding looks like. In a few more day, the milky color will disappear then she will shed. After feeding time.
055_2008-12-05 Albino Nelson Milk

Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake, Smygle. I have kept her since nov-2005. A 6-footer healty female. Tonight i try to mate her with an Anery Motley Corn on loan from a friend.
058_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Here is the partner.. Nice huh?
060_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Some actions.
065_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Here is a male tail. See how tapered & long that looks? On females it tapered shorter.
070_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Its not so obvious here, but if seen live. there is a difference. But hey, a good supplier will know, which is male and female. And Smygle is a female, and the partner is a male. Or else we will see a brawl instead.. ahakz.
078_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

they were no mating action last night. its just the 1st night. and smygle is a virgin, hehhee.. i'll try again in 2-days.
071_2008-12-05 Smygle n Anery Corn Mating

Mr Lemon, the Lemon Pastel BallPython. He's feeds & feeds..
082_2008-12-05 Lemon Pastel BallPython

On my next post. Im gonna post an Albino Texas Ratsnake Bugeye version. yup, Bugeye.. its awesome. looks like a snake with contact lens. And also a Pinstripe Ballpython, by far this ballpython really really burnt a hole in my pocket, but an apportunity I must grab.
Stay tuned... ;o)
Want to see more pictures, they are at my flickr. <-Clicky.


Viper76 said...

Hey Bro, Wow Ur collection more n more, Just suggestion, I think u wait ur Reverse okeete to shed, then i believe it will start mating, Cant wait for my corn laid eggs.
1. Anery motley * Black corn = Any Idea which morph? ada ku rasa will be black corn coz its dominant.
2. Amel * Albino Snow = both recessive ???.

Hopefully your corn breeding project success, boleh trade trade..Insyaallah

Eddie HM said...

hehe... you lagi banyak lah..

that black corn is a Anery Motley. (Anery is no reds, yellows pigments)
the other one is Amel Motley. (Amel is lack or No black pigments)
Anery Motley x Amel Motley = Maybe la.. 50% Anery Motley, 25% Amel Motley, 25% Normal Motley.. inda tau la.. guessing saja.. hehee

the Amel x albino snow = maybe a candycane, wow!! or normal.. nanti liat the outcome..

Eddie HM said...

bro, i ask a few of my friends about the prediction of our breeding. As the info of the parents unknown so he consider the parents are pure breed.

my pair.
1.0 Anery Motley x 0.1 Reverse Okeetee(Amel Motley) = 25%het Amel, 25%het Anery, 25%het Motley, 25%het Snow.

Your pair.
Anery Motley x Motley (the black corn is a normal motley) = 50%Motley, 50%het Anery.

Amel x Snow(Snow is already Amel, so a Snow is a Snow, Not Albino Snow) = 50% Snow, 25 % het Anery, 25 % het Motley.

Interesting jua ah.. but ani prediction saja.