Friday, December 26, 2008

As Promise.

As per my previous post, if you are reading this.. i promise a Pinstripe Ballpython. Here you go..
052_2008-12-24 Pinstripe BallPython

Look at those stripes..
051_2008-12-24 Pinstripe BallPython

050_2008-12-24 Pinstripe BallPython

My Pin (I call her, PIN.. im lame at giving names) She just shed yesterday, so i kinda move the mice teeth as i dont want it to do any harm to her.
053_2008-12-24 Pinstripe BallPython

Yeah, i havent got that Albino Texas Ratsnake as its Xmas day and my "wholeseller" kinda in the holiday mood. BUT im sure gonna get it on the 1st or 2nd week of 2009.
If you readers wondering how i got this, the ballpython came from all legal and with papers. ;o)

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