Monday, March 9, 2009

Animals need Vitamins & Supplements too.

For the best health condition, a supplement of Vitamins & Calcium is highly recommended. Hey, Humans take it for better health, then pets can also benefit from this.
My choice is Vionate & Rep-Cal. Rep-Cal is a reptile specialty supplement as reptiles will highly benefits from the extra calcium.
But remember too much of things is also bad. So i only dust their food, and give them alternate days supplements. ;o)
013_2009-March-SugarGlider vionate rep-cal

How are seller & a hobbies different. As a hobbiest, their pet are usually in excellent health. They interact, and love their pet, where the pet will interact back, causing a very good relation & from that lowers their stress level & simultaniously inprove their health. Where else a seller, would just keep the pet, just so it can live, with health just average or maybe below. About interaction with their pets, that i havent find out. But as seller sell in volume, will it have the time to care & love them all?? Thats for you to find out..