Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weight Day for my Snakes.

Albino Nelson MilkSnake. A Healthy, 285 grams.
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Albino Nelson Milksnake
002_2009-03-11_Edpets Albino Nelson Milksnake

Amel Motley CornSnake, 74-grams. He was 32-grams in January-09.
004_2009-03-11_Edpets Amel Motley Cornsnake
007_2009-03-11_Edpets Amel Motley Cornsnake

Amel CornSnake. 80-grams
006_2009-03-11_Edpets Amel Corn HjM
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Amel Corn HjM

Lemon Pastel Ballpython.. 287-grams. Look how the yellow color is coming..
006_2009-03-11_Edpets Lemon Pastel Ballpython
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Lemon Pastel Ballpython

Normal Ballpython @ Crocky. She was only 162-grams in Jan-09. Now, she's at 251-grams.
002_2009-03-11_Edpets Normal Ballpython Crocky
006_2009-03-11_Edpets Normal Ballpython Crocky

Normal Ballpython Interesting Yellow, 139-grams. It drop its weight, he was 149-grams on 04-Feb-09. Going to slowly, increase his meal size.
004_2009-03-11_Edpets Normal Hi-Yellow Ballpython
007_2009-03-11_Edpets Normal Hi-Yellow Ballpython

Sinaloan MilkSnake, 112-grams.
002_2009-03-11_Edpets Sinoloan Milksnake
003_2009-03-11_Edpets Sinoloan Milksnake

Pinstripe Ballpython at 292-grams.
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Pinstripe Ballpython
004_2009-03-11_Edpets Pinstripe Ballpython

My Super Duper, Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake at 942-grams. Now, 3-yrs 5-mths.
002_2009-03-11_Edpets Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake

Snow Cornsnake, 215-grams.
006_2009-03-11_Edpets Snow Cornsnake
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Snow Cornsnake

And my fierce Banana Striped Kingsnake. Didnt have a chance to weight, cause he gone berserk. Feeding Time. He has bitten me a few times.. I love snake scars, Hahaa..
001_2009-03-11_Edpets Banana Striped Kingsnake

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Pls comment on them or give a shout at my shout box. Thankz.. ;o)


Viper76 said...

Let see if your Snow will get to breeding size by August, It male right? Will try n use it to mate with my female snow. Here What I plan in the future, 1.0 Amel X 0.1 Anery
1.0 Amel X 0.1 Amel Stripe and Use ur 1.0 Snow x 0.1 Snow.. My 1.0 Anery Motley,Motley and Ghost Sripe, Maybe wont use it..

Eddie HM said...

ok tu bro.. use my reverse okeetee with your amel stripe.. ;o)