Friday, April 24, 2009

Buzy taking care of Babies.

A Motley het Hypo & Amel
012_2009-04-18 EdPets

A Normal het Hypo, Motley & Amel
028_2009-04-18 EdPets

Anery het Motley
031_2009-04-18 EdPets

Ghost het Motley
040_2009-04-18 EdPets

How small are this Baby CornSnake? with a mere 11-15 grams. Look how they compare to my fingers. Sorry bad angle, as its hard to point & shot with a dSLR.
038_2009-04-18 EdPets

Reduce Pattern Ballpython, i call this C-Small, as he is just at 128-grams. My 5th Ball. My other ballies are all healthy, well, buy from good source, get good ballies of course.
What is a reduce pattern ball? Can u see it?
053_2009-04-18 EdPets

C-Small on my palm.
051_2009-04-18 EdPets

My 6th Ball, i call this Mr,Big & Another Reduce Pattern Ball. Can u see why its call a reduce pattern? In herp world, reduce pattern are less alien-heads. what alien-head.. those dots dots you see on normal balls. ;oP
070_2009-04-18 EdPets

In my next post, i'll take pics of Kapo & Tito the SugarGliders (and probably some videos). They are with me for 2-mths & 1-week already. And they live up to their name as Pet-Pockets. ;o) Stay tuned...

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