Thursday, April 30, 2009

Asian Forest Scorpion

A Sub-Adult Asian Forest Scorpion. The same 10c coin as a size reference.
Humid soil & a small container, makes a scorpion happy. In a few mths, the scorpion is ready to be transfer to a bigger and more permanent tank.
020_2009-04-26_Asian Forest Scorpion

Another one with a dry soil to start with. A bigger container.
023_2009-04-26_Asian Forest Scorpion

Baby Scorpions? Yup, got those... They are for SALE, but not yet.. In a month time, if everything goes well.
025_2009-04-26_Asian Forest Scorpion

**Just like Tarantulas, Scorpions do have venom. But different people got different reactions to the venom. Some will just itch, some will have a fever, some will be like mosquito bite.. its the allergy reaction from venom which is a bit dangerous.

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