Saturday, August 29, 2009

Butter Ball Python

2009-08-02-Butter_Ball Python_EdPets_005e
Species: Ball Python
Morph: Butter (Co-Dominant)
Sex: Male
Weight: 839-grams (as of 27-Aug-09)


Sanford Snakes said...

I really love the color of this butter! I am a follower of your blog, if you want to check out mine you can go to

Eddie HM said...

thanks, for visiting. Yup, you are on my link list.

pistola said...

Hi ed! What are your plans for this fella? :)

Eddie HM said...

dont know yet.. maybe hook it up with my pinstripe & normals.

Viper76 said...

Good choice, Breed it with ur pinstripe, n use ur male lemon too, By chance u might get butter pinstripe and lemon blast. since both male are co-dom, so hatchling is east t identify. oh I want.hehe