Monday, August 10, 2009

Eddie, do you keep feeding records?

Of course... He's my OLD method.

Almost all, except for the newly acquired collection.

Here's how it look like. Crocky my female Ball Python Feed record.

But now, im using a software to record their feeding, husbandry etc. They have unique IDs, so in the future, I can assure you their parents etc. So you think rely able kah? Why should i waste my time, on doing a database. Go figure...

Here is Crocky my female Ball Python NEWLY transfer & updated husbandry record. Cool huh?
Degei_EdPets 02

Everything transfer from the Calander style recording to the database.
Degei_EdPets 03

what's cool is the monthly growth chart, you can judge whether you should increase your feeding size or reduce it. You dont want an obese animal or an underfeed animal. From the chart, crocky is just doing fine.
Degei_EdPets 04

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