Saturday, September 12, 2009

Albino Genetic Stripe by RalphDavisReptiles.

Albino are cool, Genetic Stripe are cool. How about an Albino Genetic Stripe, which is double cool!! To get an Albino Genetic Stripe, Get a Male Albino x Female Genetic Stripe, and you get Normals which are 100% het Albino & Genetic Stripe.
Then, get this double het babies and breed them together & if odds is on your side (1 in 16 eggs that is), you'll get that sweet jewel, Albino Genetic Stripe. If odd not good, 3 out of 16 eggs they maybe a Genetic Stripe or an Albino.

Albino Genetic Stripe Ball Python

Since I got a Genetic Stripe & a friend of mine got an Albino. It will be an interesting & long project (3-4 years). Well, that's how it goes.. ;o)

Thanks to a reader, who ask me to post popping & sexing videos. Im actually not really good in popping, since i got a sex probing kit, that is what i'm currently using, which is a proven 100% way to sex snake. I'll post a video for you soon. ;-)

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