Sunday, September 6, 2009

National Reptiles Breeders Expo Daytona 2009

So what new things do we have in 2009?

So next year.. hummm


Viper76 said...

Im if were to go there, man, I be there the whole 2 days of the expo, But as u know, to go there is very expensive, Wife mesti bawa jua and spending 2 days in the place, gerenti kemarahan..hahaha but definitely one day, If ada closer one..Macam In Thailand kah. Or perhaps, we ourselves organized something like that, with more species n more exhibitor to participate.

DeNeZee said...

right... bring our wife, let em loose at the mall n they wont even notice if we're not around LOL

if there's such trip... count me in :)