Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Plans for 2010.

Here is my plans for 2010. Hopefully to start at the middle of 2010 or late 2010 or

My Ball collections so far..
Males : Pastel, Butter.
Females : 2 Pastels (Zyinky & Sweeto), Silver Streak, Genetic Stripe, Pinstripe, 3 Normals (Crocky, Big & Spot).

Albino x Genetic Stripe (Albino loan from Viper)

Butter / Pastel x Zyinky / Sweeto / Silver Streak / Pinstripe / Crocky / Big / Spot

Sweeto, Big, Spot & Pinstripe are in the 700-grams weight. Let see if she can get them 1200-grams, if not, its next year.

So time will tell..

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