Monday, February 1, 2010

Selling A Pair of SugarGliders. (Kapo & Tito)

Any Takers for a pair of SugarGliders?

These are my own collection, just need to clear space.

Comes with Cage. (3 feet High x 2 feet wide x 2 feet length) Perfect for 2 pairs of gliders.

Also will give all their Toys, wheels & Accessories.

Also included vitamin, calcium & milk powder, glider nectar & staple daily food. (all order from US)

Offer me your PRICE.

Both has been with me for 1 year plus. They are super tame.

Reason selling, need to clear space for my other incoming pets.

Need more details.

Contact me:Eddie - 8779655

msn -

Do your own independent research before committing to purchase this Exotic pets.

*I have the right to refuse to sell any animal, to anyone, for any reason, as necessary to protect the well-being of the animals. I need them to go to a knowledgeable & committed keeper.

Below is Kapo. Male SugarGlider.
02_2009-12-16 EdPets Sugargliders

Kapo & Tito. Eager to receive their weekly treats of mealworms.
03_2009-12-16 EdPets Sugargliders

Recent Video of them. (Video taken on 10-May-2010)

Interested? PM, Email or give me shout..

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