Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 1 year old to last year babies cornsnakes.

So what ever happen to those baby corns borns, last year..

Last year in 2009.

Recent picture, taken in March-2010. Anery Cornsnake, last weighted at 248-grams.
2010-03 Anery-09' 01

Again, baby Ghost corn last year in 2009.

Now, a year later... Ghost Cornsnake. Last weight at 278-grams.
2010-03 Ghost-09' 01

The Motley last year in 2009.

Motley Cornsnake, now in 2010. Last weighted at 247-grams.
2010-03 Motley-09' 01

Some of the reader as how does a clear belly looks. Here's a Motley's clear belly.
2010-03 Motley-09' 03

To see how small there were, way last year in 2009, also in March.
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