Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some new baby snakes (Cornsnake)

So here are some cuties, who were recently born in Brunei.

These pictures are from Viper76.

Below is a clutch between an Amel X Anery. The off springs are Normals, Amels, Anerys & a Snow.

Here are some under my care.
Amel Cornsnake. Amelanistic, Albino, Red Albino are its other common names.
Why is it call an Amel? Amelanism is where when the black/brown/grey pigment is absent. Areas where black would normally appear will be white, yellow or pink. Amel can easily be identify by their red/pink eyes. Another way to spot an Amel is by checking its belly, it will be checkered with flesh color + shade of yellow/orange/red.
2010-03 Amel-10' 02

Below is an Anery Cornsnake. Anerythristic or Black Albino are its common name.
An Anery takes away the red & orange color, leaving the blacks, grey & browns. The belly is a nice black & white checkered pattern.
2010-03 Anery-10' 02

Here is a clutch between an Amel Stripe X Anery Motley. The babies are Amel Motley, Striped & Motley.

Below is a Motley Cornsnake.
A Motley is easily distinguish by its dorsal patterns. You can see the difference between the amels & anerys, that the pattern is different. You can also spot a Motley by its belly, they got a clear belly.
2010-03 Motley-10' 01
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