Friday, June 25, 2010

I dont buy food. I produce them.

How do I feed all my snakes? Snakes will happily eat once a week. So that is 30 rats/mice per week. In a month, that's over 120 rats/mice. Its just not economical for me, if i keep buying. That why, I have a Rat & Mice Colony going on.

Mind you, I have keep mice ever since i got my 1st snake, way back in 2005. Lots of trial & error to have a steady supply of rodents every week. Takes a lot of effort, actually.

If you want to buy my mice or rats, in the impulse of keeping them. Sorry, they are not for sale as they are strictly for snakes consumption ONLY. Better you keep, hamsters, genuine pigs, rabbits or other small critters la..

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