Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scared of snakes, lizards & tarantula? will have a tent set up displaying various snakes, lizards, leopard geckos & tarantulas, during the Panaga Highland Games on this 19-June-2010 from 0800am till 0500pm.
Bring your kids, they will have a blast as its the school holidays. and what a way to educate, yet let them have a fun experience.
Have fear of snakes, dont worry all the snakes exhibited are harmless snakes as they are pet snakes. Hold them. touch them. You will totally be amaze.
Fear of big spiders or tarantulas, let them crawl on your arms, it will be an exciting & thrilling experience.
Even seen bearded dragons or leopard geckos in tv or books. Hear a chance to see them live. Dont just see, touch & pet them.
where Bruneians talk about their exotic pets..

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