Sunday, August 22, 2010

1.0 Coral Albino Boa.

My third monster snake. I call them monster, cause they can grow more than 8-feet, and require 2 person to handle when they reach 6-feet or more (for safety purpose) Be an educated & responsible snake keeper. Hope this is my last Monster snake purchase.
Eddie HM holding a Male Coral Albino Boa. Why a male, cause males grows up to 8-feet, while female can grow up to 12-feet. He's steadily pounding 1-2 rats/week. His future is a breeding with a Female Albino Boa, which will produce Albinos & Coral Albinos offsprings. Will keep you readers posted.

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Picture by Bobby Chin.


Buddha Ball Pythons said...

Was this taken at your facility? It looks nice. Awesome Snake!

Eddie HM said...

nope, this was taken during the recently exhibition organised by Thanks.