Friday, August 13, 2010

Genetic Stripe & Super Mojave Ball Pythons.

Genetic Stripe Ball Python & Super Mojave Ball Python.

A Genetic stripe is a recessive morph ball python, breeding it with a Normal will produce all Normal 100% het for Genetic Stripe.

The Super Mojave is co-dominant morph, produce by breeding a Mojave to a Mojave.

The Genetic Stripe has always been in my collection. Been keeping her a year plus now. She grows more beautiful with time, I was really surprise that, she's the public favorite as everyone who sees her, says she's a absolute beauty. Its a wise spend, even though I haven't produce het Genetic Stripe, but when the time comes, picture will tell a thousand tales.

The Super Mojave is NOT mine, instead its a friend. Made a deal with him, to breed the Super Mojave with my Male Butter. Predicted offsprings would be Normals, Butters, Mojaves and the stunning Blue Eye Lucy (in this case, a Butter & Mojave). A Blue Eye Lucy, is a completely white snake (Ball Python), infact more whiter than the Super Mojave. As the name says, it does have Blue Eyes. An absolute stunner, when thinking of a white snake, with brilliant blue eyes. Stay tuned for their breeding outcome.

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