Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to close a Pet Show 2009?

Well, you take out a 19-foot Reticulated Python and let the people visiting see it 1st hand LIVE!!!

Thanks to all that came. All comments are viewed so we can do a better one next time. And hope that more people now are much informed on this misunderstood creatures.


DeNeZee said...

Local reptiles and insects have really impressed me since childhood... this show have brought the industry to a new perspective by introducing pets that have not been available here locally all these.

I wish you success and good luck, we need more people like you to sustain this hobby.

You have our support all the way :)


p.s. I want that Oreo snake really badly... hahaha

Eddie HM said...

the oreo is a striped california kingsnake. fascinated by it? well.. it caught my eye the 1st time i saw it.

thank YOU for the support. without YOU guys, i dont even know there are ppl interested... ;o)