Saturday, July 4, 2009

So you got a tame glider?

Let's meet up, and call it Brunei SugarGlider Owner Club.. lol

its no joke actually.. ;o)
At least, we can put inbreeding at bay. You know inbreeding is no good right.. ;oP

ps. Do you enjoy the HD video? and sorry for the darkness, youtube may have compress it too much, that its a bit dark to view.. gah!!


Sheikh Mansor bin Sheikh Mohammad said...

That's some collection of snakes you have got there bro... I love animals, but not a true fan of snake. I will tell my son about you...

How can we contact you?

Eddie HM said...

hehee.. snakes are misunderstood. Its ok, everyone has their own opinion on things.

My contact is there in my blog, just under my avatar or Under the About me section.. ;P

Anonymous said...

I agree, Let have sugar Glider club, To avoid inbreeding, n mostly important to share the love of the animal among Glider hobbyist and future owner of glider..Im proud owner of pair three years old Glider which I name Bill & Sarah