Friday, July 3, 2009

One of my unexpected purchase.

How do one get this morph?
Get a Black Pastel, breed it with a Pastel.
And you get: 25% Black Pewter, 25% Black Pastel, 25% Pastel, 25% Normal
Get the Black Pewter & breed it with a Pastel, and you get:
12.5% SilverStreak, 12.5% Super Pastel, 25% Black Pewter, 25% Pastel, 12.5% Black Pastel, 12.5% Normal
Well, those are just the predictions. ;o)
Anyway, I present you Black Pewter x Pastel = Silver Streak Ball Python.
pewter x pastel = silver streak

Its going to be an exciting year in 2010, when all my ballpythons are up to breeding weight. I got a Pastel, Pinstripe, SilverStreak & a future purchase a Lesser. With help from a friend, he got Albino, Butter, Yellow Belly, Mojave, Pastel, BumbleeBee. Hopefully with prays, good odds & good morphs will come from the breeding. Pls pls pls... get me morphs. (ppl reading this blog, sure will question, what are morphs.. well, as all pet.. do your research inside & out, then you'll know why... ;o) )

Adding to that, this year.. Im going to try breed my Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake again, hopefully this year, she'll produce eggs. Also to keep the hobby interesting some Milksnakes & Western Hognose breeding are in plans. Oh yeah, we are expecting some Snowcorns babies this year.. So GOT SNAKES?!

to the Bruneian Snake communitiy, if there is any? Step up and introduce yourself.. Im not going to keep all the babies.. ;p


Anonymous said...

This is projected next yrs between me and eddie,
For Ball Python = Lemon Blast, Mojave Bumble Bee, Bumble Bee, Blue eye Lucy, super Mojave, 100% Het Albino, Black Pewter Het Albino, Butter, Mojave, yellow Bellie, Spider, Lesser, Black Pastel, Pastave, Spider Mojave, Lemon pastel, any more eddie expected next yrs?
Following yrs I believe will be more super cool project with interesing morph and designer ball python.
Corn Snakes: This is interesting, will see some Snow, Amel, Motley, Stripe, Anery, hypoamel,hypo,okeetee, So confusing, pls add on eddie, if u can think what else.
Milk snake: American Pueblan n apricot pueblan are projected.
Western Hognose: very interesting project, Hopefully can get it to breeding size soon.
King snake: We miss on this for this year.
Bearded dragon: Red and Gold x Sun Burst, will see what morph come out.
Hopefully By next yrs..reptiles hobbyist can own one or two reptiles that we produces

We must believe that, we Asian Also can do what Others can..peace..

Eddie HM said...

On Balls, For 2010, im expecting these.
SStreak x Albino=Pastel, BlackPewter 100%het Albino.
Pastel X Pins=Pastel, Pins, LemonBlast, Normals.
Pastel x Normal= Pastel, Normals
Pastel x Lesser=Pastel, Lesser, Normals, LesserPastel.
Hope fully can get the Jewel in those eggs.
For corns,
R.Okeetee x Motley = Amel het 100% Motley
Snow x Snow = All Snow. (if there is hidden gen, better..)

For 2011. Same story. except the S.Streak x Pastel = Pastel, SuperPastel, BlackPewter & SilverStreak.


pistola said...

hello ed, YK here. I'm from malaysia. Any chance tht i can do a purchase with you? I'm very interested in your morph! very difficult to find beautiful healthy snakes in Malaysia, in ASIA! Well done!!