Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why CornSnake.. ;o)

So been following my posts. Well, another video.. Dulu-dulu, i wasnt into Ballpythons cause, I tot "dulu-dulu" ballpythons ani ular penalan (retic), BUT i was wrong, they are just like CornSnake, only balls got a larger girth. cant keep up with my short-cuts on reptile language.. inda apa paham2 kan tia saja. Back to cornsnake, why I love them in the 1st place. Yup, My 1st snake is a Cornsnake. I think i have the largest, longest cornsnake in Brunei. (If they are other unknown cornsnake keeper in Brunei, prove me wrong.. My corn is a Reverse Okeetee Cornsnake, i got HER in Nov-05, so an estimate age of 3-years 10mths, weighting over 1000-grams, and last i measure was 5 feet 7 inch long, she's gonna be mum this year, again..)

Here a video taken from snakebytes.tv Cornsnakes & their cool paintjob. Paintjob ertinya warna2 & pattern2..


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